Bronze, Gunmetal, and Chunky

They say that bigger doesn’t always mean better, but this fall… it certainly does. I remember my mother telling me how she hated my big, gaudy jewelry. Now I can say I had the right idea all along 🙂 Big jewelry is now a huge fashion statement and primary choice for various body adornments. The slender bracelets of yesterday are being replaced by huge, hefty jewelry that you can feel when you wear them. Do you remember the days when you would look at your wrist, which was dressed up with either an I.D. bracelet or small chain and wonder why it wasn’t there anymore and where you dropped it? Well, not with these guys.

oak bracelet 1-1 by knitsteel

Bronze Sunflower Cuff by knitsteel

All Eyes on You by Sifu Renka

They’re bold and make a statement and I love them!

purple slave bracelet by totusmel

Even the chunky rings and the beloved flower rings slipped on just about every finger this summer and the trend is continuing even into the fall. They’re coveted… you can never have too many. Many of these rings are fashion jewelry, but I rarely discriminate. I love all baubles 🙂

flower rings! by Circa GalleryDiorette 20 Ring by chutes and ladders         ring by ILEAceramics

               Enamelled Flower Ring by rubygirl jewelry

Drop earrings are keeping in with the bigger and better theme too! And they’re really fancy. These babies will never get old!

HER MAJESTY Earrings by jewelsbyldesignsThe PEACHES and CREAM Earrings by jewelsbyldesignsThe CASA BLANCA Earrings by jewelsbyldesigns

green earrings by klynslis

Huge pendant necklaces are still thriving on the necklines as well.

The BEJEWELED Pendant Necklace by jewelsbyldesignsPendant Necklace by Louis C. Tiffany by peterjr1961

Faux Pearl Pendant Necklace by AbsoluteJewelry

Okay so I know I said that I don’t discriminate, however the below collar necklaces are being spotted more and more and have even been seen adorning models on the runway. I’m thinking that maybe these babies are more for the club, or elaborate themed party….? Ya… I just don’t know.

Miriam Collar Necklace 46€ by LB & Roberto Sena

Collar necklace with figure of shiva-Bhairava nepal 1676 CE Silver by mharrsch

Let me know how you feel about all the big changes going on (pun intended) in the world of accessories and what you plan on purchasing soon! ‘Til next time 


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