The moonstone is considered to be one of the most romantic gemstones. The stone has an obvious correlation to the moon, which has long been considered a symbol of romance. The stone is of the feldspar family and has a milky-white, shimmery appearance with blue undertones and is quite beautiful to look at. Ancient Hindus believed the stones were fragments of the actual beams of the moon! Quite a magical thought. Ancient Greeks and Romans however associated the stone with their goddesses of love and of the moon. This stone was a big hit in the ancient world apparently, and was thought to bring lovers together when the stone was worn by two people. When the stone is shaped into a cabochon, its resemblance reflect the sea or water. Because of that resemblance, many people once believed that the stone would keep them safe while traveling at sea and so dubbed the stone the “Traveler’s Stone” because of it.

Many legends surround the moonstone, but as I said before, it is really just a marvel to look at and to hold. Some stores keep loose gemstones available for purchase, and being as girly as I am I bought one. Hey, you never know it might be lucky.

Tumbled Moonstone



Image via Wikipedia


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