The Woman Behind The Fetish

I am an avid consumer of all types of jewelry. From fashion and cocktail finds, to estate and antique gems, I love and appreciate all types of jewelry. What woman doesn’t? Beside being a consumer, I also love to make my own beaded jewelry. I use many materials and various plastic beads, precious and semi-precious stones. I used to make some jewelry for sale, but for the most part I just make jewelry for myself. Jewelry and gemstones are its own art form to me, and I love to covet, educate myself about, and talk endlessly about jewelry in every form. Now, most women love jewelry, but unless its their engagement and wedding ring, they don’t care too much about the antiquity, the cut or clarity of a stone, or how there is a new trend of statement jewelry being showcased on many a runway. They just buy what they like, admire the peace and move on. I love to discuss each and every detail like a crazy person, and that’s why this blog was created. One: I need to get it out of my system somehow, and Two: there have got to be other crazies just like me who need an outlet (so feel free to comment, share, and discuss) and who would love to know that there are other like-minded individuals and what they think! Three: Let’s face it this is borderline addiction, hence the name Jewel Fetish! This blog is essentially therapeutic in many ways. Let me know if you have any suggestions or ways that I can help to make this blog better. Bear in mind I’m new to this so it’ll take me a while to work out all the kinks.

Thanks for reading!



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