After the Romance

So the day of love is over y’all!!! I took really quick pictures of the stuff I wore up until Valentines Day and still I’ll probably be wearing throughout the remainder of February. (Forgive the pictures as it looks like I took them with a box instead of a camera. I will repost MUCH better pictures later)

A friend made this necklace. Its cut agate in pink with the words Love in a square formation. I love this since it’s so trendy.


This is a pink flower enamel ring with clear crystal scattered on the petals. I wore that with the pink charm necklace on the left. Simple yet elegant.


Below is a charm bracelet that I actually wore as an anklet since it can fit me now. Just pink and white gems on gold chain link.


Below is a chunky heart necklace with matching earrings. I actually got this years ago at a hair store, lol. Say what you will but I love costume jewelry. It never turned colors on me and is still sparkly ūüôā


Another heart charm necklace. The heart itself is coral and the flower is enamel. The rest of the necklace is gold.


This is a gunmetal funky heart necklace. I take it by now you’re noticing how much I love hearts, lol.


I got this years ago from a friend who was just going to throw it away!!! Insane right? So I saved it’s life and found other uses for it. It’s a chunky chain link necklace with pink dangling beads. If you’re wearing all black, or a strapless top or dress, this necklace looks great.


And last but not least. Some cute little heart shaped earrings. If you’re wearing your hair up, these are for you!


If you have pictures of your own jewelry that you’d like to show off, send them to under the heading, “My Jewelry” along with the name you want shown, and I’ll upload them in a separate post.

Coming up next we’ll be talking about the amethyst and showing off some amethyst jewelry. If you have amethyst jewelry of your own, or just the raw gemstone itself, you can send those pictures as well to under the heading “Amethyst” along with the name you want shown and I’ll upload them in my next post.

See you next time!


Valentine’s Day Jewelry

Children's Valentine, 1940‚Äď1950

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With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’ll start to see people clamoring to the stores trying to get the perfect gift for their significant other. And of course, many people choose to buy their girlfriends and wives jewelry! Not an original idea of course, but popular and thoughtful all the same. From heart shaped pendants to heart chain linked bracelets, and edible chocolate delectables, again, heart-shaped, makes this truly the season of love and a celebration of that love.

Show me what you got or what you’re wearing for this season! Send in photos of your Valentine’s Day jewelry and I’ll post them here. In a few days I’ll be setting up a link for mine as well. Happy V-Day all!
‘Till next time!

Valentine postcard, circa 1900‚Äď1910

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‘Tis the Season!!!

Forgive me, as it’s been such a busy holiday season for me I¬†have had practically zero time to write anything since November. I’ve been lucky enough to travel and prepare holiday meals for and with my family. I hope the holiday season has been as good to you all too.

This is my favorite time of year and I love to get festive with my accessories as well. So here is what I’m currently wearing to bring the season in!

Feather Earrings

Feather Earrings-2

Gold Ruby Ring and Bracelet

Gold Chain Slave Bracelet

I would love to see what everyone else is wearing this season into the New Year, so send in pictures of what you’re rockin’ right now and I’ll post them! Happy Holidays everyone and I’ll see you all next year! ^_^



The moonstone is considered¬†to be¬†one of the most romantic gemstones. The stone has an obvious correlation to the moon, which has long been considered a symbol of romance. The stone is of the feldspar family and has a milky-white, shimmery¬†appearance¬†with blue undertones and is quite beautiful to look at. Ancient Hindus believed the stones were fragments of the actual¬†beams of the moon! Quite a magical thought. Ancient Greeks and Romans however associated the stone with their goddesses of love and of the moon. This stone was a big hit in the ancient world apparently, and was thought to bring lovers together when the stone was worn by two people. When the stone is shaped¬†into a cabochon, its resemblance reflect¬†the sea or water. Because of that resemblance, many people once believed that the stone would keep them safe while traveling at sea and so dubbed the stone the “Traveler’s Stone” because of it.

Many legends surround the moonstone, but as I said before, it is really just a marvel to look at and to hold. Some stores keep loose gemstones available for purchase, and being as girly as I am I bought one. Hey, you never know it might be lucky.

Tumbled Moonstone



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All That Glitters Isn’t Gold…

Because sometimes its white gold, rose gold or platinum, lol. When I was growing up, I hardly ever saw white gold jewelry. Everything my mother owned was in yellow gold and any jewelry-type gift I received was yellow gold as well. And for most of her friends, it was the same way too. This could be because of our west-indian/Caribbean background, however I’m pretty sure yellow gold was predominant in 80’s and early 90’s. During the late 90’s however, I saw (and purchased) a lot of white gold and sterling silver jewelry. It became more fashionable and trendy. If any of you pay attention when browsing for engagement rings now, white gold and platinum are at the top of the list. If you want a yellow gold engagement ring and especially rose gold, you pretty much have to specify or have one custom-made if you have a particular designer or jewelry house in mind.

Recently though, I saw a petit yellow gold bracelet on a friend’s arm that reminded me of “back home” as we islanders call it, and I’ve been buying up some more yellow gold jewelry lately and I love ’em. Which type of gold do you prefer?

Photo of my bridal set (engagement and wedding...

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A faceted emerald cut emerald mounted in a com...

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Gold Leaf

White Gold Band

Ruby Red

La Ruby

I’ve found my newest love! Well, actually I’ve been reintroduced to an old love: The red ruby. This gemstone is absolutely gorgeous and surrounded by ancient lore and history. This stone is special to me for many reasons. The first time I saw this stone, it was on my mother’s hand, given to her by my father. She never took this ring off. ¬†It was in the shape of a flower, with diamonds surrounding the ruby as the center stone. This¬†stone was set¬†into a simple design on a yellow gold ring. It has been a while since I saw the ring, but I have it’s every detail etched into my memory and it was absolutely beautiful in my eyes.¬†The closest I have found to her ring to date, is this picture I found using a search on Flickr:

Ruby Ring-Photo by Harlan H

And a close second is one being auctioned on Ebay:

The Ruby Ring

Ruby Flower


This stone looks most delicious set into yellow gold with diamonds being the preferable¬†choice as an accent stone, however the rise in popularity¬†means the ruby is mostly¬†being set into white gold and platinum. Whether you’re more of a fan of white or yellow gold, the stone is best showcased with the perfect balance between the setting, the cut of the ruby and the band it’s set into if we’re talking about rings, but the same sentiments apply to bracelets, necklaces, and earrings alike.

Yellow Gold Setting

A Regal Yellow Gold Setting

White Gold Engagement Setting

A Simple White Gold Band


This stone has such beautiful lore! Birthstone to those born in the month July. The name Ruby itself, is derived from the Latin word ruber, meaning red. Long has the ruby been associated¬†with passionate love, wealth and good health.¬†This stone was highly prized in India, and it too, played a part in the well-known¬†caste system. Depending¬†on the stone’s clarity, purity, and color, the ruby was classified¬†as either Upper, Middle, or Lower Class. a ruby of one caste was not allowed to be set with a ruby of another caste, preventing the gem¬†of the higher caste from being defiled by the impurity of the gem of lower caste. Native Americans believed that the ruby contained the blood from the heart of Mother Earth.¬†It was¬†also believed that if a chief gifted this stone to someone, that the recipient would also become a chief as well. History tells that the ruby was worn¬†to protect its wearers in battle, causing little blood to be¬†spilled. Rubies are said¬†to be the very fire of the sun! Intense huh?

On the Hunt

In memory of the ring my mother wore, I’ve been scouring the internet trying to¬†find one of my own. It would¬†be more romantic if I had a special beau¬†to gift me one himself, but alas I haven’t found him yet. Perhaps the lore or the ruby will bring me someone fiery and passionate! Here’s hoping that the ancients were telling the truth, lol.

‘Til Next Time ‚̧

Rack ’em and Stack ’em

Harkening from many¬†years ago is the revival of stacking bracelets! I remember this trend when I was a kid, and grouping together as many neon bangles onto one arm as possible meant something. I used¬†to love the sound they made while I was carrying on with my daily whatever, (I¬†must have¬†been 10, so it was really just school, play, sleep) but to put it simply, they’re just fun to wear.

When buying them as costume jewelry, most times they come stacked for you, the perfect colors already blended together. This helps because sometimes it’s hard to have an eye for the perfect bling to look for, and pull something together from scratch and¬†make it look good. (It must also¬†coordinate with your outfit).¬†I love the assistance.

Item imageItem imageItem imageItem imageItem imageItem image

But the beauty about this trend is that many of us still have bangles from the days when they used to be sold as sets¬†in twos, and now we only have one. Some of us still only have one from many a set. Use this to your advantage and just group ’em all together!¬†There’s always a creative way to use our old or mismatched jewelry. Now… if only I could find a way to do this with my earrings that are missing their partners. Rest assured, If I find a way, I’ll be posting it here. ‘Til next time ‚̧